• Bergen, Norway

    Bergen in Norway – the ultimate guide!

    "Imagine a city filled with experiences and high-level culture. Think of a city that is the perfect combination of nature, culture, and urban life. A city that is the heart of one of the world's most popular attractions, the beautiful Norwegian fjords. In this city, you can easily move back in time, yet the city is vibrant and innovative.

  • The norther lights in tromsø

    See the Northern Lights in Tromsø in Norway

    Tromsø is the Arctic capital in Norway. The city is located almost 70 degrees north, and boasts two natural phenomena: the Northern Lights and the midnight sun. We went both dog- og reindeer sledding. Went on a mountain hike. And we saw Aurora, the fantastic Northern Lights. Afterwards we ate bidos in the lavvo. It was a completely magical winter…