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Key Figures for 2022

The second full operating year for ReiseKick resulted in a substantial increase in visits and the number of articles read, surpassing our target of a 15% increase by a significant margin.

Number of visits: 298,500 Number of articles read: 461,800 Number of followers on Facebook: 7,225 Number of followers on Instagram: 1,648 Number of newsletter subscribers: 940

Key Figures for 2021

2021 marked the first full operating year for ReiseKick.

Number of visits: 253,400 Number of articles read: 365,300 Number of followers on Facebook: 4,600 Number of followers on Instagram: 930 Number of newsletter subscribers: 569

In a very short time, ReiseKick has gained many readers, and we greatly appreciate it. Our target for 2022 is to achieve a 15% increase.

Editorial Articles

Do you have a destination or travel-related service you’d like us to write about? Please feel free to give us suggestions! We write, photograph, and distribute articles on, as well as on our Facebook page and Instagram under the same name. You may use the article for your own marketing if you wish.


Interested in advertising on ReiseKick? Contact us for pricing.


We are available for commissioned photography, and you can also purchase images from our extensive photo library.

All our articles adhere to the ethical guidelines for journalists, and all sponsored posts are clearly marked.

We look forward to a fruitful collaboration.

Torill and Bernt ReiseKick

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