The hiking opportunities are wonderful in Seiser Alm in the Dolomites in northern Italy. Here you will find endless paths and hiking trails. We invite you to read about one of the most scenic.

Where to walk?

We have been in Seiser Alm several times, and our favorite hike goes from the top of the Panorama lift on the Compatch plateau via Schlernhaus to Tierser Alpl and from there past Mahlknecht and Edelweiss and down to the Panorama lift again. A round trip of almost 30 km. It is a good idea to start early, this trip takes about 8 hours. If we are to reach the last lift down to the town of Seiss again, we have to be at the top station no later than 6 pm.

Parts of today’s trip go along the top of the mountain plateau you see in the background.
Seiser Alm in fog

We get up early, eat breakfast and pack our backpacks. It’s mid – July and the weather is nice. From experience, we bring long trousers, extra socks, sweaters and rain jackets in the backpack. Sunglasses and cap is mandatory. One day we will definitely need the extra clothes … Hiking in the dolomites

Bernt studies the map, on his way up the Panoramabahn.

We take the cablecar from Seiss (Siusi) to Compatch at 1850 meters, and continue with Panoramabahn to the top at 2009 meters. For some reason, we always start the day with an ice cream. Unnecessary, but very, very good.

Good moorning;)

The first 30 minutes we walk in soft and green and flat terrain, and we pass the idyllic Saltner Hütte.

So far, we have actually gone a couple of hundred meters down. We are painfully aware that we will soon have to go up those meters again. We cross a river, fill the water bottles and start walking up the mountainside. According to the signs, it will take two hours to reach Schlernhaus Hütte at 2564 meters. It’s steep. Very steep. 

Schlernhaus Hütte

 It will be much, much steeper ..

I count every single step I take, and suddenly, half an hour before the estimated time, we reach the cabin.

Close to the top
Schlernhaus – or Refugio Bolzano, as it is called in Italian

Here they actually have 90 beds in single and double rooms and dormitories. Price per person is 50 euros per night including breakfast in a double room. There is plenty of space for everyone who wants to eat, the restaurant is divided into several nice rooms. We had pasta and a glass of red wine.

Horses Seiser Alm Dolomites
We are not alone

Cold and cloudy!

it is getting colder when we cross the edge to Tirser Alpl Hütte at 2441 meters. In fact, it eventually becomes so foggy that we had to stop and wait for better weather.

We have previously walked here in fantastic sunshine, and know that it is steep and far down in some places. This stretch is actually relatively easy to walk. It is rocky, but the path we follow does not get really steep until we approach Tirser Alpl. 

Hurray! We ca see the mountain hut!

Heading to Tierser Alpl

And now it’s cold and really windy. Finally get credit for the fact that we always carry extra clothes with us. Inside the cabin, it is almost full of mountain hikers who shiver in just the T-shirt. We, on the other hand, can take off our outer jackets;) Now it is snowing outside! Hello, it is July! We check the rates for accomodation, and the price for an overnight stay is 55 euros per person in a double room. It’s tempting to just be here. But, there are no rooms available.

Tierser Alpl Hütte

We had lunch for the second time today, drink Hollundersaft and prosecco. Looking out the window. The snow has turned to rain, and we realize that we can not sit and wait for good weather if we are to reach the last lift down. From the window we see peaks of more than 3000 meters, and there are paths up on several of these. Another time, we think. Another time. Hiking in the dolomites

Mahlknecht Hütte next

The next stretch to Mahlknecht Hütte is very easy. Most of the distance we walk on gravel roads. It is steep, and quite slippery today, but easy to walk. As we approach Mahlknecht, the path descends into a small gorge, and we cross a river. Down here, there is still snow.

Unfortunately we do not have time to take a break at this cottage. Not at Almrosenhütte, Edelweishütte or Goldknopf Hütte either. If we are to reach the last lift down, we must hurry. 

Edelweisshütte i Seiser Alm

In light jogging, we arrive at the lift, and reach it by a good margin. About 3 minutes.

Practical info about lift passes

There are many different lift tickets, ranging from single trips to 14-day passes.
The first year we were there, we bought a CombiCard with 14 days validity. It costs 85 euros, and then you can take the Seiser Alm Bahn as many times as you can. In addition, a number of shuttle buses and Almbusser are free.

The downside of this card is that you have to pay to take the other lifts in the area. And we did it quite a few times to get to other hiking opportunities. Hiking in Seiser ALm

Heis i Seiser Alm

So the next we were there, we bought Seiser Alm Card Gold. It costs 95 euros for 7 days, and then all lifts are free, in addition to the above buses. We combined it with a Combicard 3 in 7 for 43 euros so we had decent access for 10 days. Hiking in Seiser Alm in the dolomites in Italy

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