This is the old world, maybe this is where I belong? Endless beaches and blue ocean as far as the eye can see, a seagull over me, I sit at the fish restaurant Le Chalet de la Plage. On the table a monkfish. Pure silence, not even the seagulls try to kill the good moment. I’m in Essaouira in Morocco. Villa maroc essaouira morocco

Situated at the northwest coast of Africa

Exciting things are happening on the beach below. It’s ready for barefoot football, a court lined up with bamboo sticks. Hundreds of people watching. The rosé wine that accompanies the monkfish is absolutely fantastic, and I have no plans. From the nearest minaret, it crackles in the speaker. This is Essaouira, or Ess, as the city also is called. A bohemian, Muslim city on the northwest coast of Africa. Villa maroc essaouira morocco

Barefoot football

Here came hippies, surfers and tourists Villa maroc essaouira morocco

The hippies came to Essaouira already in the 70’s. Jimi Hendrix, Bob Marley and Cat Stevens came to an unknown outpost, where they could be themselves. Then came the windsurfers, who dreamed of huge waves, and now thousands of tourists. Essaouira is a fishing village in the Atlantic Sea, cooler, more exotic, more karma, more charm, and probably more marijuana.

Jimi Hendrix and Bob Marley

Moroccan whiskey

Mint tea, also called Moroccan whiskey, is consumed all day. I walk into the magical souks, after the monkfish is consumed, I get completely lost, three colorful ladies help, and I am offered both mint tea and marijuana. For you I give a special price, my best friend. I just asked for more Moroccan whiskey, and get plenty of sugar as well.

The magical souks
Three colourful ladies
A world of unknown spices

I walk around within the city walls, climb up, look out at the Atlantic Ocean, down on the fishing pier, check the day’s catch, blue and white as far as the eye can see, even the boats are full of those colors, and suddenly it’s grapefruit time.

Grapefruit time in Essaouira!
Where is MY boat?
Entrance to a café
I had a coffee in one of the most popular cafés

Essaouiras best kept secret Villa maroc essaouira morocco

– Join the Sahara, Mustapha begs. He calls himself the Prince of the Sahara, and looks like one.

I’m inside the souks in Essaouira, and Mustaphas shop reminds me of 1001 night. On the walls are pictures of American ladies, whom he claims he has guided on all his desert hikes in the Atlas Mountains.


Later in the evening I had dinner at Elizir, Essaouira’s best kept secret. Owner Abdi has an Italian wife and is self-taught at his fingertips, whether it is food, interior design or hospitality. In the middle of a mixture of Moroccan and retro Italian environment, we have a fantastic three-course meal, while we agree that what the world needs, is much more of peace, love and respect. Villa maroc essaouira morocco

Restaurant Elizir
Nice Piazza

Where is Essaouira?

Morocco is a monarchy in North Africa. The country has a long coast towards the Atlantic Ocean. The fishing village of Essaouira on the Atlantic coast was formerly known as Mogador, and has about 60,000 inhabitants.

Facts Morocco

The best time to travel to Essaouira is March-June and September-November. Arabic and French are the main languages. Essaouira is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Aldri noe problem å krydre hverdagen i Essaouira

Travel Marrakech-Essaouira

I went by bus, and the journey took about 3 hours. I traveled with Supratours, which has comfortable buses and several departures to Essaouira daily. I paid 80 Dirham. Check the Supratours website for departures.

Ferry from Spain to Morocco

There are several ferry crossings from Spain to Morocco. Ferries currently connect 4 ports in Morocco to 5 ports in Spain.

Accomodation in Essaouira

Villa Maroc is a cool boutique hotel consisting of four trading houses. Great roof terrace, good spa and super location.

Villa Maroc is a good choice

Where to eat in Essaouira

We highly recommend Elizir, a mix of Moroccan and retro Italian interiors, the world’s nicest hosts and local food. Here you can have a glass of wine. The beach restaurant Chalet de la Plage is an institution with a beautiful terrace, food and wine, and at the patisserie Chez Driss from 1925 you can eat Moroccan cakes in a cozy courtyard.

The lunch here was fantastic

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Villa maroc essaouira morocco

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