After two visits to Madrid, I have been very fond of the city. I also love running, and what is better than combining a new visit with the RocknRollHalfmarathon? This is my story about running the halfmarathon in Madrid. Halfmarathon in madrid

Madrid in April

I take the train from the airport to IFEMA Feria de Madrid where I pick up the bib. One of the biggest sports fairs, EXPODEPOR is held here at the same time. Halfmarathon in madrid

I just picked up my bib

After a cup of coffee in the sun, I take the tube to Sol Station. I had booked a single room at an affordable hostel 5 minutes away. It’s called Hostal Suites Alhambra, and paid about NOK 950 per night including breakfast. I’m pleasantly surprised. The room is not large, but it is clean and nice. There was also little noise from the street outside. Breakfast was served at a café few meters away.

Nice bathroom

Ready for action!

Madrid is at an altitude of 600 meters, and on race day it is 4 degrees when I leave the hotel at 0800. It takes half an hour to walk to the startline located in Paseo de la Castellana. There are just over 16,000 runners taking part, and I am impressed about the logistics in the starting area.

I’m ready!

As I mentioned, I love running, but I don’t run fast. But I love participating in such big events, and enjoying myself along the way.

I have participated in a number of races in Norway and abroad, and this is the best organized so far. We get small bottles of water at the drinking stations, which means we don’t have to drink everything right away. There are trash cans more or less along the entire trail, and these are used.

There was no queue when I was going to hand in my laundry bag with clothes, nor when I was going to pick it up.

The price for participating, was 23 euros, including t-shirt.

A small minus: the toilets. TIP: Bring some toilet paper in your pocket.

Proud of this!

What to do on your own in Madrid

So what do you do for the rest of the day when you’re alone in Madrid?

Drinking a glass of Cava at the Plaza Mayor, maybe. The restaurants are crowded with tourists, and eager sellsmen talk enthusiastically about their products. what about a 2-year warranty three-barrel? Well. I’d rather buy Tapas and another glass of Cava.

Cava at Plaza Mayor

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